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1/2/2001 Excerpts from President Moi's New Year's address. The 'Big Surprise' watch continues
Up 'I would like once again to remind Kenyans of the importance of unity, discipline and hard work as the cornerstones of stability and development. Through unity and hard work, Kenyans have in the past recorded rapid progress. '

'Recently, Members of Parliament passed a Bill to control interest rates charged by banks. As it turned out, one clause in that Bill contradicts another of the Central Bank Act. For this reason, I will not give assent for the passage of that bill into law until the anomaly is rectified by Parliament. '

President Moi's New Year address. Click on header for more excerpts

Reaction to Moi's comments on the 'Donde Bill' were swift and harsh:

"The Attorney-General, as the government's principal legal advisor, should have introduced the relevant amendments at the committee stage rather than wait for the Bill to go through and risk problems at the assent stage,"

"Such serious issues are usually discussed at the Cabinet and [Kanu] party level. It's now emerging that the President is not in unison with these organs,"

Kimilili MP Mukhisa Kituyi

Other reactions can be found here
Posted: 1/2/2001 16:29:05

1/2/2001 Inflation to persist in Kenya in 2001
Up "Despite much anticipation that the economy would recover from the recession that it was going through with the resumption of aid by the Word Bank/IMF and other multilateral donors, it failed after a catastrophic drought reared its ugly head over the country,"

The Central Bank of Kenya says in its monthly economic review for December 2000.
Posted: 1/2/2001 16:44:39

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