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November 2000 (2)

Kenyan News and Announcements
Read up on or post bulletins on Kenyan politics, social events, commentaries, educational opportunities or death and funeral annoucements.
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Lake Nakuru National Park Screensaver V1.0
Download this impressive screensaver featuring 25 high resolution images of animals and birds from Lake Nakuru National Park.

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  • 11/22/2000 Ebola in Kenya
    Up 11 people were recently quarantined at Busia District Hospital after attending funerals in Gulu Uganda where a recent outbreak of Ebola has killed over 100 people.
    Posted: 11/22/2000 0:52:05

    11/22/2000 Ilicit Brew Continues to Kill Hundreds
    Up "A lot of these people are taking it for granted, they say you die when your time comes....But we are not going to tire from telling them to stop. Those with ears will hear." - Police Spokesman " Peter Kimanthi.
    Posted: 11/22/2000 0:54:13